You are currently viewing Ebenezer Obey Launches Alcohol Addiction Ministry in Honor of Late Son

Ebenezer Obey Launches Alcohol Addiction Ministry in Honor of Late Son

In order to honor his late son, music great Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi decided to launch a different ministry that would concentrate on raising public awareness of the risks of Alcohol addiction.

Ebenezer Obey Launches Alcohol Addiction Ministry in Honor of Late Son
Ebenezer Obey and late son

The death of Olayinka Obey-Fabiyi, the music legend’s 48-year-old son, inspired the Evangelist to join the fight against drug and alcohol abuse, especially among young people in Nigeria and overseas.

The “Freedom from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Ministry” (FADAM) is a distinct organization from the Ebenezer Obey Evangelistic Ministry and the Decross Gospel Mission that are already in existence.

general manager of Ebenezer Obey Music Group, Tunji Odunmbaku, released a statement to press on Tuesday, August 2, 2022,

informing the public  of this new development.

According to the statement, FADAM would also become a way to help parents and relatives of young people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs

so they may overcome their issues and become better members of society.

Meanwhile Ebenezer Obey expressed sadness over the death of his son, Olayinka aged 48,

saying that he did all he could to help the deceased fight his weakness but it was to no avail.

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The doctors called me six months ago to inform me that Yinka has less than six months to live, this was very painful and bad news that a father must not hear about his son, since then, “l went back to the Holy Spirit to teach me what to do and the result of my communication with the Holy Spirit is the launching of this ministry,” he said.

“I have received several condolence messages from all and sundry, l appreciate and thank you all for your love and concern. l also thank Yinka’s friends for their effort and support and l must thank Shina Obey-Fabiyi (my eldest son) for coordinating all his younger brothers and sisters, for extra and special care for Yinka till the end of his life. I also thank the pastors, elders, and the entire Decross family for everything.”

“Once again! I appreciate all condolences, but let us rather turn further condolences to prayer support of this new ministry to help those who are in pain of alcoholism and drug addiction. Job 22:21: “Acquaint now thyself with God, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee. Get out of Alcoholism, Get out of Drugs. Jesus Loves you,” he concluded.

Our hearts continue to be with the singer, who is still battling the reality of this huge loss, and its amazing that He is bringing up this foundation to help other families.


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