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Easy Guide To Recreating Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Braids

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There’s more to braids, and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter proved that with her 2016 Lemonade braids. The look sure changed people’s scope on the magic of side braids. It kept being re-invented over and over again. Finally, we’ve found the look that works for 2019, and it’s fantastic!


Ruben Chamoro in freestyle Monica braids by Stasha Harris


The Braid Up guru, Stasha Harris, has found a new and improved way to revamp the old hairdo. Now you can rock your braids like the queen that you are.


This side braid hairstyle isn’t new, but if you’re a side braids fan, you’d want to recreate your unique look. Celebrities like Nicki Minja are rocking it, so why can’t you? However, you should aim to stand out in this unique twist to the hairdo called the Freestyle Monica Braid. It features three key trends: sideways cornrows, mini braids, and a touch of metallic thread. It is a combination of everything chic.


Watch Darlynda George’s side braid video below.


What you need for freestyle Monica braids

Wanna recreate the look above at home? Get yourself a stylist or a friend and the tools in the steps below.

  1. A rat-tail comb: If you want the best result with the best parting in your hair, then you need one. It helps give the defined cut you want. While braiding, apply edge control throughout the hair to help it lie flat.
  2. Non-alkaline hair: If you already have your hair, no problem. Pre-treat it by soaking in apple cider vinegar solution to remove the alkaline coating. After soaking for about 20 minutes, rinse with cool water and leave to air dry.
  3. Mousse: After braiding hair, put on a generous amount of mousse. Mousse helps your hair blend with the new extensions. Put on a headscarf after applying to the top of the braids. This will set the mousse.
  4. Silver thread: Finally, wrap a gold or silver thread around a few braids.

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