You are currently viewing Easter Fiesta Sales: Enjoy Great Prices & Freebies From Tech Experience Centre

Easter Fiesta Sales: Enjoy Great Prices & Freebies From Tech Experience Centre

Tech Experience Centre, Nigeria’s first display hub for technology innovation, has announced a new customer reward scheme through their Easter Fiesta Sales campaign. Holding from Monday, April 11th, 2022 till Friday, April 22nd,2022, the campaign offers freebies on items across brands such as Samsung, Apple and Dell.  Items can be purchased in person from the TEC showroom at 13, Idowu Martins, VI, Lagos or ordered via 09040788016.

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In her comment to the press, Ms Chidalu Ekeh, the Head of Business at TEC shares the rationale behind such campaigns. According to her, affordability and incentives are proven ways of encouraging the public to adopt advancing technology.

“We take every opportunity to give back, and there’s no better time than Easter!  So, the Easter Fiesta Sales campaign is meant to reward our customers’ choice to partner with TEC”, she shared.

Moreover, Ms Ekeh referenced the Centre’s model of promoting technology through lifestyle saying, 

“Essentially, our goal at Tech Experience Centre is to bring technology closer to the people. This is something we hope to achieve with our marketing endeavours. End consumers technology say yes to technology by aligning with new products and integrating them into their lifestyles. This is something with can definitely get behind.”

About TEC

First of its kind in the world – Global IT Giants converge to save Nigerians billions of dollars in travel. The Tech Experience Centre avails is a platform for tech enthusiasts and business professionals to experience the latest industry innovations.

The Tech Experience Centre is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and smart gadgets to rival the best in Silicon Valley. It will also offer various leading brands the opportunity to showcase state-of-the-art technologies with an emphasis on Focused Solutions addressing the technology needs of the region.

Click here to book a physical tour at TEC.

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