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EA Says FIFA 21 Will Be The Game’s Most Realistic Version Yet, What To Expect

EA Sports, the developers of popular football game FIFA have said that its next edition will be the most realistic version yet. The developers have said it will feature new technology in FIFA 21 to achieve that goal.


FIFA 21 is set to be released for the current gaming consoles and the coming Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X. The developer says the newer consoles will benefit from the new technology. However, FIFA 21 or its gameplay will not be available on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch console will get a “legacy edition” instead. This edition will feature only new kits, teams, an updated menu, and an overlay system.


The last FIFA edition had sold over 260 million copies as of 2018 despite criticisms from gamers that the gameplay is often very similar to previous versions.

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EA says FIFA 21 will have more life-like player movements. It says will the version will be “the most authentic character behaviours ever seen in sports video games”. Fans within the stadium will also be more interactive, and they’ll even participate in player celebrations.


Fans will also have less mechanical reactions to happenings on the pitch. This will depict fans responding more realistically to last-minute goals, penalties, fouls, and even own goals!


EA also promises that new rendering and lighting techniques will also help to increase the overall realism FIFA 21. The lighting technique will enable gamers to see more details during gameplay.


Players in FIFA 21 will have more realistic bodies and movement than previous editions of the game. Players will likely be running, changing pace, shooting, and celebrating in a more authentic way.


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