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E3 2022 cancelled amidst concerns over its future

E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo 2022 has been canceled for COVID-19 reasons, but there are growing concerns about the event’s future.

Organised by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), E3 used to be the biggest thing in the video gaming world and second only to comic con. In fact, until 2017, only industry-confirmed individuals could attend. It used to be a dream to attend E3 events and since streaming media only became popular recently, what was talked about at the event was like a top-secret.

Its exclusivity was removed after 12 years, and it had to be. Every other video game publisher was beginning to organise its own events, attracting more and more people. But, the ESA has not said explicitly that this was why they were canceling 2022’s edition.

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Although its official website has not been updated with recent news, Razer’s PR Lead, Will Powers, said he received an email confirming that the event was cancelled in.

Initially, the ESA wanted to hold the E3 2022 event as an in-person show but moved it back to being virtual in January. With 2022’s edition off the table, it appears that the 2023 version will also be virtual. We look forward to the association’s announcement.

Not all gaming events have been called off for 2022, there is still the Insomnia Gaming Fest on 15th April 2022, Nordic Game in May, Gamescom in August, and several others.

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