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Dyson Reveals Electric Car Plans

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British household gadgets technology company Dyson recently revealed plans to design electric cars. The innovative vehicle is due to go on sale in 2021. British inventor Sir James Dyson tagged the car radically different.


The company filed the patent in 2018, but only published it this week. Although the company held back on specifics, the plan, according to Dyson, is to improve on the current electric vehicles in the £2.5-billion development project. The car will supposedly be very large with narrow wheels that allow for increased efficiency and range. The wheels will also be positioned close to the front and back of the vehicle. This will help to make the car easy to manoeuver and improve handling in rough areas.


Dyson's electric car patent


The overall height of the vehicle will also be lower than most SUVs. It will have a larger but thinner battery pack that will give it more inside space. The driver will be able to sit lower in the cabin with a slim windscreen that improves aerodynamics.


The Dyson electric shift

Dyson is popular as a household name for vacuum cleaners. He revolutionised the traditional vacuum cleaner design. He has now indicated that the car would be a premium vehicle with a price tag in the range of foremost electric cars, Tesla. These prices will range between £38,000 and £70,000.


The design also suggests that the new car will need customised parts like tyres. According to Dyson, the cars will go on sale in very few countries. Dyson will, in its entirety, design, manufacture and sell. It will build on Dyson technology used in other products such as batteries and motor types.


Sir. James Dyson


At first, the billionaire businessman sparked public criticism when he first announced the manufacturing of the car in Singapore instead of Britain. Despite this, the company will start constructing a new work plant in Singapore. However, Dyson maintains that the car is a British project. The company will carry out the design, engineering and testing of the prototype in the UK at the Hullavington airfield.


The details about the car are top secret, as Dyson stressed in an email he sent to all 500 staff working on the vehicle. He said they needed the patents because the car will include innovative technologies. But, he added that the company will not necessarily go with the patent filed.


Dyson believed that competitors have been doing things wrong. They intend to refrain from adopting already existing formats. They want to develop a vehicle from the bottom up.

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