You are currently viewing “Dwindle” Is A Typical Nigerian Crime Comedy with a Basic Storyline

“Dwindle” Is A Typical Nigerian Crime Comedy with a Basic Storyline

Netflix’s movie “Dwindle” one movie that creates a connection among strangers. In what looks like a battle of pairs in Officer Tolani and Juliet, Chinedu and Buka, Black Shadow, and Josiah, there is only one common interest, Governor Otunta.

"Dwindle" Is A Typical Nigerian Crime Comedy with a Basic Storyline
Flyer for Nigerian movie “Dwindle”

One would think that being dragged into a protest, arrested, and sacked on the first day of work is probably as bad as it can get, but Chinedu(Jidekene Achifusi) had more coming for him an overdue rent, a friend (Broda Shaggi) who brings nothing but trouble and getting dragged into a kidnapping spree.

After the Governor of Darkwa State is kidnapped, the officers who were assigned to him as undercover bodyguards, Tolani and Juliet, (Funke Akindle and Bisola Aiyeola) are called in by the authorities for questioning. With Officer Tolani predicting their fate, they decide to escape to uncover the truth and clear their names.

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“Dwindle” offers the viewers entertaining screen time. Unfortunately, the suspense does not hold up as expected. The need to merge plots comes in early in the movie, and although lots of featured stars appear to fix the loopholes, some actions are still without justification.

The cinematography, editing, and sound teams in this production also deserve recognition for their efforts.

The film casts a number of celebrity cameos. An instance is Lateef Adedimeji, who appears only twice to say a few words, or Temisan Emmanuel who fills a vital cameo role.

In the category of crime comedies, “Dwindle” is neither the best nor the worst you will see. Still, it is a definite crowd-pleaser.


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