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How to use DuckDuckGo email protection and why

Learn how to use DuckDuckGo email protection to stop trackers from marketers and spam.

Most times, you are required to enter your emails for a discount or a quiz and what happens next is that they begin to send you promotional emails. A trip through almost anyone’s inbox will show tons and tons of unread emails from marketers and companies. The problem is that they start making it difficult for you to keep track of important emails.

Even with the traditional “Primary,” “Promotions” and “Social” grouping of emails in the Gmail app, some of these unwanted emails slip through.

However, you can put an end to all these troubles with the DuckDuckGo email protection app. The security product was launched in 2021 to protect your email and ban trackers. Trackers relay to senders, when their email is opened, links are clicked, follow-up reminders and so on.

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Get started with DuckDuckGo email protection

1. To get started, simply sign up on the mobile app (which is available on Apple App Store and Play Store). You will be required to enter some basic details and follow prompts to complete the process.

2. Next, you will be asked to choose a unique DuckDuckGo email address that ends with and specify the email address where your email should be forwarded to.

3. What happens is that when you need to fill a form online, you can use the unique DuckDuckGo email address you created. Then, the email — be it an acknowledgment, an ad, a newsletter, or a discount coupon code — will be rerouted through DuckDuckGo’s servers before it comes to your main inbox.

The email that comes to your main inbox will be free of any trackers and you can safely continue. Thus, without these trackers, senders will not know where to send their target follow-ups and other kinds of unwanted emails.

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