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Double Dating: A Sweet Experience Or Playing With Fire?

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It’s the era of double dating, so if you find yourself stuck in the web of being in love with two people then you should read this.


So let’s say you are in a relationship with this very special person. You both have your ups and downs, but you keep patching things up. Then suddenly, this girl or boy comes along and you have “butterflies in your belly”. Then you say, “I am in love again.”


At first, you find yourself confused about whether you should leave your present relationship and focus on this person. However, something else tells you how you can eat your cake and have it. You wonder whether you can have both relationships side by side, instead of “having all your eggs in one basket”.


Benefits of double dating

1. Double dating is double attention

They say anything that has an advantage will definitely have a disadvantage, and it goes both ways. While double dating, you get to enjoy attention from two people. Sweetheart A gives you a call, and before you hang up, Sweetheart B is on call waiting. You like that feeling right? You have two people checking up on you from time to time. It’s a blessing right! Guess you are smiling right now.



2. You can weigh your options

Double dating gives you an opportunity to weigh your options. This way, you are not blindly in love. You can then make your comparisons to decide who you will spend forever with. That’s not a bad idea, don’t you think?


3. You reduce your chances of suffering a heartbreak

When “sweetheart A” starts misbehaving, you can always fall back to “sweetheart B” for the love and care you need.  No need for a pity party or running around a partner because they want out of the relationship. You move on easily because you have someone else who loves you.


Reasons why you shouldn’t double date

1. You will be tagged a “cheat”

In the world of double dating, you will be tagged a cheat, player, or ‘Cassanova’ when you are caught by your supposed partners. That is unless you come clean to your partner and/or have an open relationship. How far will you go with the game of ensuring your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t find out that you are cheating? We wouldn’t recommend.



2. Your lying game has to be top-notch

Double dating secretly would mean that you lie consistently to hide your tracks. When going out on a date with either partner, you must ensure you cook up a story that is very believable to the ears. So how good are you at lying? Again, we wouldn’t recommend.


3. You stand the chance of losing both partners

Nobody wants to be played, you know. With double dating, one of your relationships will likely suffer. That, in turn, would lead to the loss of a partner. How would you feel if someone who worships the ground you walk on, blocks your phone number, and then walks out on you when you attempt to make physical contact?



So as you dial the phone number of that new flame tonight, know it will either be a sweet experience or you may end up playing with fire.

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