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Don’t Download That PC Game Yet, Xbox App Now Shows If It Plays Well

Microsoft’s Xbox PC app now shows gamers if a title will run well before downloading that said game. Although this feature is still in testing, it should roll out to all PCs in the future.

The feature is sort of a performance check, that uses data of previous gamers that use the same PC System as you would do. There is a label that reads “should play great on this PC” for games that will run well on your PC.

Xbox is letting in more tester gamers into its Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring to test the latest feature of its consoles. The testing program was initially invite-only access to gamers but Microsoft is inviting more.

Xbox Is Bringing More Gamers Into Its Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring For Testing
Alpha ring

How is this possible? The tech company is inviting gamers to complete a survey which will receive as a gateway for its Alpha ring testing program.

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The Alpha survey is also available through the Xbox Insider Hub app. The company says that successful testers might be moved to another testing program aside from Alpha rings. Admission into the new testing program according to Microsoft doesn’t matter what ring test gamers are in currently.

Microsoft Now Lets You Know How a Game Will Play on Your PC

This new label feature for the Xbox Windows app doesn’t appear for all games in the Microsoft store. That means it is still in its early stage, and hopefully, it gets to all games in the store.


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