Don’t Do It: Toolz Advises Ladies Against Going Unclad On Instagram Live

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Celebrity OAP, Tolu Oniru popularly known as Toolz has advised ladies against s*******g n*ked on the internet.


Her cautioning is born out a recent spike of ladies going n**e on Instagram live. With the current lockdown globally, Instagram had become popular with artiste who use the live feature to keep fans entertained.


Some of these entertainment gimmicks have gone a overboard with displays of n*dity from fans who join the show live.


Things got to a hilt yesterday with Nigerian artiste Slimcase IG live yesterday. The artiste  had invited his fans to twerk adding a gift of 20 thousand to the winner as incentive.



The ladies went beserk, each competing with all the had (literally). While some twerk n*de, others in a bid to out do competitors gave viewers glimpses of their v*gina.

Don't Do It: Toolz Advises Ladies Against S*******g N***d On Instagram Live
Toolz took to Twitter to advise ladies to be very mindful of twerking on live Instagram as the’re unaware who’s watching and recording. Photo: Daily Advent

Twitter users have since criticised Slimcase and the wanton n*dity displayed on his live feed. The twerking girls have also come under fire as many have described them as lacking in pride, dignity and self respect.

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While  they’re arguments of its the n*ked girls’ bodies such they can do whatever they choose with, another school of thought have argued the internet is the last place anyone should be showing off their unclad body parts.


Belonging to this school of thought is Toolz. She took to Twitter to advise ladies to be very mindful of twerking on live Instagram as the’re unaware who’s watching and recording.

See her tweet below

She also recounted how she lost out on getting a job she was qualified for because of a video of her swearing and cussing was played by her interviewers.


She finished by saying everyone is adult and can do what they choose. They should however be ready for the consequences their actions will beget.

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