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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Suspended From Social Media Platforms For Inciting Violence

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have suspended Donald Trump for inciting violence over the results of the just-concluded US elections. In a statement to his followers and protesters who stormed Capitol Hill, he said “I love you” before advising them to return home. He likewise rehashed bogus cases about election fraud.

Twitter said it required the removal of three of his tweets for “severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy”. It further affirmed the President’s account would remain locked for good if the tweets were not taken down. President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition – Deadline

It proceeded to state that “Future violations of the Twitter Rules… will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account”.


Then, Facebook restricted Mr Trump for 24 hours. YouTube likewise eliminated the video. Facebook stated: “We removed it because on balance we believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence.

His allies laid siege on the seat of the US House of Assembly, Capitol Hill, and engaged the police, which resulted in the death of one protester.

The attack brought to an end legislative discussions over Democrat Joe Biden’s political race win.

In the House and Senate chambers, Republicans were testing the accreditation of November’s political decision results.

Trump had told his allies on National Mall, Washington that political decisions had been taken. This happened just before the violence began.

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Hours after his speech, as the viciousness mounted inside and outside Capitol Hill, he posted a video rehashing the bogus case.

He told nonconformists “I love you” and depicted the individuals who violently took over the House of Assembly as “Patriots”.

YouTube said it deleted the video since it “abused strategies on spreading political race extortion”.

Twitter at first didn’t bring down the video, it eliminated the capacity to retweet, comment on it, or any other of his tweets. It later locked out the President for the next 24hrs


Twitter stated: “We have been fundamentally confining commitment with Tweets named under our Civic Integrity Policy because of the danger of viciousness”.

The violent protests in the Capitol today are a disgrace. We prohibit incitement and calls for violence on our platform. We are actively reviewing and removing any content that breaks these rules.” Facebook said while responding to a BBC inquiry.


Facebook additionally said it is as of now searching for and deleting content that upholds the violence at Capitol Hill. YouTube had also eliminated fake news about electoral fraud applied to the president. The protest and support for violence allegedly began on Facebook groups and pages.


Instagram and Snapchat also locked the accounts of  Donald Trump. The tech giants are scrambling to crack down on wrong claims about the presidential election amid riots in Capitol Hill.


President-elect Joe Biden hopes to take action against fear-driven notions and fanaticism on social media when he gets to work.


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