Don Jazzy Advises Female Artists To Call Out Producers Who Harass Them

Don Jazzy Advises Female Artists To Call Out Producers Who Harass Them

Mavin CEO and music producer, Don Jazzy, has advised female artists to call out producers who make preposition them. Don Jazzy also acknowledged that female artists face more challenges than their male counterparts in the Nigerian music industry.

Hilarious drawing of Don Jazzy that makes him want to Compensate artist

The 38-year-old beat-maker made his thoughts known in a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin. In the interview, he said that s*x is often demanded from many female singers by music producers and TV personalities.

“I have a record label, so I have male and female artists. In the past, maybe I had the opportunity to go through a female artiste’s phone and read conversations that the female artists had had with a bunch of producers, TV people, people in the industry everybody just wants s*x. It’s tiring. I feel sorry for them.”

According to him, the system is flawed and needs to be fixed. Don Jazzy also added that he believes society needs to raise the male child better.

He said, “We need to fix the system in general. We need to train the male child better.”

As an alternative solution, Don Jazzy said that female artists should publicly expose music producers and media personalities who demand s*x in exchange for a deserved favour.

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“If these young ladies start calling them out, that’s a start. If a producer says he wants to sleep with you, call him out!”

In the rest of the interview, Don Jazzy answered questions about his first marriage to Michelle Jackson, whom he had divorced at the age of 22.

He admitted that his views about marriage are always changing. “Are we even supposed to get married?” he asked sarcastically.

Don Jazzy also said that he has no regret about his divorce and confirmed that his ex-wife has remarried and has a child.

He said he is single and teased that people are welcome to “shoot shots” – slang for ‘romantic proposals.’

When asked if he would ever venture into politics, the record label owner said he is unable to lie like politicians, thus won’t have a successful political career.

However, he said he would do a solid job as President. “If I be president, I go do good job,” Don Jazzy teased.

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