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Domino’s Deploying 800 All-Electric Pizza Delivery Vehicles

Pizza giants Domino’s is deploying over 800 delivery EVs over the coming months as part of its plans to build a climate-friendly fleet.

The food company is buying them from Chevy Bolt and customising them to match its brand. As reports show, the fleet would be made up of 855 vehicles. While this is not enough to serve the thousands of outlets Domino’s has in the US alone, it is a start.

“Electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve,” Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner said in a statement. It will begin using the EVs in select locations throughout the country.

The company expects the cars to last a couple of days on a single charge given that Chevy Bolt EVs are capable of going 259 miles/per charge.

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For GM, the owners of Chevy Bolts, this is a major boost to its business and if Domino’s continue to count on it for more delivery EVs in future, the electric car maker’s division could well be on its way to achieve self-sustenance by 2025.

The pizza company has a special website where you can see details about the EV delivery vehicles such as when and where they will be active. It is a good direction towards a carbon-reduction future and also, reducing the impact of high gas prices.

“Electric fleet vehicles also provide more opportunity to attract delivery drivers who don’t have a car of their own,” it added. There is currently a giveaway campaign going on to promote the Domino’s and Chevy Bolt EV collaboration.

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