You are currently viewing Domestic Violence Saga : Lil Frosh And Girlfriend Reconciles Out Of Court

Domestic Violence Saga : Lil Frosh And Girlfriend Reconciles Out Of Court

Nigerian musician Sanni Goriola aka Lil Frosh by his girlfriend, Okeoghene Iyomaterie have made peace with each other as she withdraws the domestic violence suit filed against him.

Recall that the rapper was accused of beating his girlfriend to pulp. He was first called out the girlfriend’s brother, Micheal on Instagram on Monday, October 5, 2020.

Domestic Violence Saga : Lil Frosh And Girlfriend Reconciles Out Of Court
Photo of Lil Frosh and his girlfriend


The brother who doubles as her manager released photo evidence that Lil Frosh has been assaulting his client for a while now. The photos were accompanied by a lengthy caption revealing how far the artist has gone with the alleged assault.

He also added that the rapper had the habit of coming back to beg after he brutalises her.

Meanwhile, Okeoghene in a post shared via her Instagram Stories on Monday, March 28, 2022, says that she has dropped the suit against the rapper and they are now on good terms.

“I want to thank everyone that stood by me throughout the incident between Lil Frosh and I. I will also like to state that the case between I and Lil Frosh has been withdrawn from the court and we are on good terms. Thank you,” she wrote.

Screenshot of Okeoghene’s post stating she has withdrew the domestic violence case against Lil Frosh
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While Lil Frosh’s domestic violence saga trended on the internet, Davido abruptly terminated his contract and ejected him from his DMW label.

Lil Frosh had first issued a public apology on Instagram to his fans over his “actions and inactions”. He revealed that he condemns domestic violence.

He later recanted, denying the allegations. According to him, the injuries and swellings on his ex-girlfriend’s head was from a boil.

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! She’s my girlfriend. She called me that she noticed that she was having a boil at the back of her ear. She said maybe it is an allergic reaction. Called me days later and said that thing is getting worse and I said what? She said the boil. She was sending me the photos day by day. it happened for seven days,” he said at the time.


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