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Dogs Vs Cats: How People Have Been Searching For These Popular Pets On Google

Dogs Vs Cats: How People Have Been Searching For These Popular Pets On Google

Humans are creatures who seek companionship and this is true in their interests in pets of which the most popular are dogs and cats. Are you a dog or a cat person? Find out how people’s interest in these pets has been evolving on Google Trends.


The search data we have is from Google Trends and it dates back to May 2019 — exactly one year from now. Thus, we would base our analysis on the range for now.


From the screenshot of the graph below, with Cat searches marked as red and Dog-related searches marked blue, it shows that more people have been searching for Cats than Dogs in the space of one year.


Dogs Vs Cats: How People Have Been Searching For These Popular Pets On Google

Dogs vs Cats search trends on Google. Photo: Google Trends.


For comparison, every country of the world whose Google search data is available has more percentage of people searching for Cats than Dogs, except the UK and Ireland. It is the only country that has recorded more Dog-related searches than Cats. Clearly, more people keep cats as pets than dogs.

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Also more interesting are the recent breakout searches on Google Trends. These refer to search terms that did not exist before and just recently appeared. Needless to say, people were searching if their dogs and cats could get coronavirus more since the pandemic broke out.


In fact, Cats and Dogs’ searches reached the highest since the past year between the ending of March and the beginning of April. While Cats top the search stats indisputably, the queries about dogs are more dynamic and have more to do with them as pets.


Besides the Watch Dog: Legion game that Ubisoft is developing, people have been checking Google for topics such as: “arctic dogs”, “how dogs see the world” and even “why do dogs lick their paws”. On the other hand, there are many queries related to Doja Cat, an American rapper, that has nothing to do with pets.


This kind of Google Trend analysis is important as it can give one an overview of what people’s interest is in a particular place without necessarily going there physically.


For example, Romania is definitely a cat country as there are 98% cat related queries from the region, compared to 2% on dogs. Countries like Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, the US, and the UK have the most nearly balanced interest in both cats and dogs.


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