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Do You Want People To Pronounce Your Name Correctly? Use This LinkedIn New Voice Feature

LinkedIn understands that it is impossible for one individual to pronounce the name of everyone correctly, this is why it rolled out a new voice note feature. Learn how to use the latest LinkedIn feature in this article.


Correct name pronunciations by people from a different part of the world are important and give the impression that the person is really interested in you. If you have a relatively unusual name based on where you come from or because of its spelling, you will understand this.


For example, there are two ways to pronounce Jean (the French and English pronunciations differ). This kind of mistake can easily turn a person off and create subtle resentment early during a conversation.


Thus, to avoid this conversation stopper, LinkedIn announced the new voice note feature.

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You can add the audio recording of how to correctly pronounce your name to your LinkedIn profile. After recording it, everyone visiting your profile can quickly listen to it to learn how to pronounce your name.


It appears as a speaker icon beside your LinkedIn user’s name. You should also do listen to it when you find it on people’s profiles.


LinkedIn Product Manager Joseph Akoni, in explaining why the feature is important wrote: “Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy — it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace”.


For now, to add the name pronunciation recording you have to do it through the Android or iOS apps. However, the playback feature to listen to the recordings is available on all LinkedIn platforms (Web, Android and iOS). The company adds that users will be getting it this month; so if you haven’t gotten the feature, you only have to wait for some time to get it.


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