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Do You Have Any Of These Six Energy Vampires In Your Life?

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Whether done innocently or intentionally, there are people that just drain the energy out of you. We call this class of people energy vampires. You may try to get rid of them. However, in most cases, once they have their fangs in your life, you can’t cut them off without either scarring them or being scarred. This is why it is advisable to know the kind of energy vampire you’re dealing with. Knowing this would help you be on the lookout and then apply the right solution to solve the exact problem. Chances are you’re also an energy vampire — you’re human. It’s ironic but true.


When you get your energy drained, you tend to seek some other source of energy. This, in turn, could be a ripple effect where you suck out from others just so you can refill what was sucked out of you. Usually, people who get in this state are unaware of the effect it has on them. It could lead to depression, stress, sadness or just weakness.


For reasons of avoiding such effects, there should be an avoidance strategy. You can achieve this and curb the problem instantly by knowing what the problem is. Here are six energy vampires you can be on the lookout for, either in others or even in yourself.


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Top six energy vampires you may have in your lifetop-six-energy-vampires-you-may-have-in-your-life


Everyone has either been or encountered an energy vampire. They lurk in every corner, looking for who to suck the energy out of. You’ve either had their fangs in your life or may have yours in someone else’s. Find out which of these energy vampires you may have encountered below.


1. The Dominator Vampire

They like to take control of everything and act superior to others. Most times, these energy vampires have a trail of insecurities from being hurt, wronged or weakened by others.


2. The Judgmental Vampire

They feed off on others insecurities to build their ego. Most times, they treat others just how they treat themselves and have a deep sense of low-self worth.


3. The Melodramatic Vampire

They like drama! These energy vampires like to be the centre of attention and love. They also love crisis and thrive on being victimised. Most times, they feel empty inside.


4. The Narcissistic Vampire

These are arrogant, self-centred, manipulative and demanding people. They care only about themselves and don’t care about anyone else. You need to keep massaging their ego. They are very manipulative and like to have their wishes made. Most times, they have a history of neglect and only care about themselves.


5. The Victim Vampire

These type of people have low self-esteem. They blame others for what they go through and can emotionally drain you. They get through to you by making you feel guilty. Most times, they don’t receive enough love and acceptance from others.


6. The Innocent Vampire

These category of energy vampires are genuinely unaware that they are draining you. They are overly needy of you, and you can’t help but help them. But beware; your energy would get drained! You need to encourage them to become self-reliant rather than depend on others.

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