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DIY: These Life Hacks Will Generally Make Living Better

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Life hacks take care of those pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult – pot always boiling over, zipper constantly unzipping itself and so many other things. Here are some hacks for everyday life.

Use a wooden spoon to stop pots from boiling over
life hack-wooden spoon
Open Boiling Pot. Photo: Lifehacker

Staying in the kitchen to watch over your food, you feel like the food isn’t cooking at all. Then you take one minute outside the kitchen and water is already flowing out of the open pot. It is normal, everybody goes through this.


What if I tell you I have an amazing solution to this?


Place a wooden spoon over the pot you put on fire. This will pop the bubbles and keep it from boiling over as quickly, meaning you have more time to get back and turn the heat down.


Now you can cook and do other things without fear of the pots boiling over too fast.

Use cloth peg to hold nails when hammering
life hack-cloth peg
A Peg. Photo: Creativ

Ever tried hitting a nail into a wall and it flies off? or it just keeps shifting or bending? Even worse, you could hit your thumb? I have a solution for you then.


Use a clothe peg to hold the nail in place while hammering.


It will help to keep the nail in place for you to hammer. It will also prevent it from flying all over the place and causing hazards.


You can also use a hair comb to prevent the hammer from smashing your fingers.

Freeze Grapes and add them to your drink
life hack-grapes in wine
A cup of wine with grapes in it. Photo: Lisa Gong


There’s nothing like a nice, cold glass of rosé or white wine on a lazy afternoon or evening. You will want it chilled and refreshing right?


You know that feeling when you add ice to your drink, then it starts to melt and the wine loses taste?


Simply put a bunch of grapes in the freezer, then add to your wine as you sip away and voilà, your beverage will remain cooled to the perfect temperature. With grapes, you do not have any case of the wine losing taste after getting lukewarm.


This life hack applies to both red and white wine. One of our life hacks is to rescue you from embarrassing situations. See the next hack.


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Put keyring on the zipper
life hack-key ring
A zipper with a key ring. Photo: Bored Panda


Do you wear trousers and your zipper keeps opening up? A stranger comes up to you with the words “your zipper is open”. That can be very embarrassing I know.


But do you know you can use a small metal key ring to solve this problem? Just ensure you use one that is thin and durable. Attach the keyring to your zipper and hood it to your trouser button when you’re zipped up. The button will hold the keyring and keep it from zipping down.


You can also use a small rubber band if you are looking for a flexible option. A rubber band can be good if your zipper tends to unzip itself and get stuck midway on the zipper.


The band can stretch enough to allow you to attach the zipper slider to the top button of your pants.


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