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DIY: How To Create A Makeshift Phone Speaker

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Ever wanted to play loud music but your phone speaker isn’t loud enough?
Ever tried to listen to a voice note without earphones but you just couldn’t hear it clearly?
Have you ever felt really sad because you forgot your portable speaker at home?


Here are some DIY solutions for you on how to make a makeshift phone speaker.


1. Use empty toilet paper

Using tissue rolls as speakers


First, you have to find an empty toilet paper roll. It’s not too difficult to find toilet paper, so all you have to do is empty it. Then make an incision near the center of the roll. Using a knife, razor blade or any other sharp object you can find, make an incision near the centre of the roll that is large enough to fit scissors.


Next, cut out the hole for your phone. Start small. Don’t cut out too much at once. You can keep cutting the hole bigger to make your phone fit.


Then, you create a stand for the speaker. Insert four thumbtacks into the roll to make your phone stand up straight in the speakers. This may take some experimenting to figure out how far apart to space the front and back pairs of thumbtacks. The front and back pairs should be about an inch apart.


Now, insert your phone into the speaker. If the phone doesn’t stand up straight, move the thumbtacks to make a better stand.


2. Place your phone in a cup

Phone in a glass cup


This is probably the simplest makeshift phone speaker hack we have come across. All you need to do is put your phone into a cup or ceramic mug. The sound of your phone will get louder.


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3. Place your phone in a ceramic bowl

Phone in a ceramic bowl


This ingenious amplifier for your at-home jam session is a simple ceramic bowl. Just set your phone into the bowl with the speaker end down. The bowl’s concave shape does the rest of the work, sending sound up the sides and out into the room.


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