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DIY: Here’s How To Make Christmas Hampers For Friends & Family

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A Christmas hamper really does give you that magical feeling of Christmas and if it’s homemade you can feel truly smug at your accomplishments. It makes a thoughtful, personal gift, and you can save cash by eschewing expensive shop-bought versions. And the beauty of doing it yourself is that you can make it as simple or as luxurious as you like.

In today’s over-scheduled, over-booked, fast-paced world, personalized gifts are becoming less and less common. Sadly, gift cards and are becoming more the norm. Gift-giving has become so impersonal, but we want to change that.

DIY : Here's How To Make A Christmas Hamper For Your Loved Ones

These Christmas gift baskets are the perfect solution for putting the thought and love back into gift-giving. Give gifts that express just how special people are to you. With a little bit of time and effort, you can show your friends and family how much you truly care.

Here are our top tips to make a hamper, including presentation advice.

DIY : Here's How To Make A Christmas Hamper For Your Loved Ones

  • Wicker baskets can be found online and in department stores.
  • In order to make your basket look fuller and allow your gift items to be seen above the basket, fill the bottom of the basket with tissue paper or packing paper.
  • This will save you some money on the more expensive decorative filler but still allow the items to stand up and be seen better at first glance.
  • Now fill the basket with those gifts. You can add chocolates, beverages, wines, books etc. The list is endless, just get creative.
  • Coloured or clear cellophane gives a beautiful, polished look to homemade hampers.
  • You could also choose cute holiday cellophane with reindeer or snowflake prints and finish it off with a green, red, gold ribbon.
  • Next, tie it all up with a big colour-coordinated festive bow. A ribbon around the middle makes a nice finishing touch and will also keep those carefully positioned presents in place.
  • You will know your hamper is finished when the cellophane is taut.
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  • As your final touch, add a personalized gift tag with the recipient’s name. You can also add a cute note wishing them a Merry Christmas. Voila! your Christmas hamper is ready for gifting.

The holidays are all about embracing the magic of the season and spending quality time with friends and family. We hope you are inspired to give differently this season. Be in the moment, cherish your loved ones and have a wonderful holiday filled with joy and laughter.


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