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Disney’s Upcoming Streaming Service Will Give Subscribers Value For Their Money

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Disney seems to be fitting great features into its Disney+ streaming service. The service, which is expected to launch on 12th November 2019, will have support for four simultaneous streams. It will also have 4K video, Ultra High Definition along with High Dynamic Range picture quality. The best part is that all of this will be available at $6.99 (₦2,530) a month.


The competition will be pretty stiff as the company is also letting users have up to seven profiles with the one single account. Disney is not here to play as it is already beating Netflix hands down with these features. The pricing is also not in Netflix’s favour, especially as they raised their subscriptions earlier in the year.


Netflix raised its subscription price to $9 (₦3,255) for the standard definition plan which allows just one stream. Meanwhile, Netflix’s HD streaming would come at an extra cost of $13 (₦4,700) per month. In fact, this one only allows two simultaneous streams. And 4K videos with four simultaneous streams will cost $16 (₦5,790) per month. Although the basic subscription has stayed at $7.99 (₦2,890) in Nigeria.



Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, said the price hike had caused a reduction in its US subscribers. This is a big deal because the last time they had such decline was in 2011. The setback also went on to affect the company’s stock which, in turn, affected its growth.


Disney+ Will Allow 4K Video And Four Simultaneous Streaming

Although Netflix has more shows than Disney+ right now, the platform is looking to introduce some new original shows when it launches. Disney made all these revelations at its D23 Expo. The company also revealed that it was releasing new episodes of its original series on Disney+ every week. It means they won’t release all the episodes at the same time, as Netflix does.


Disney is introducing a Ms. Marvel series to the platform. There will also be series centred on Moon Knight and She-Hulk. They also confirmed an original Obi-Wan Kenobi original series starring Ewan McGregor.


However, it is yet to be known if Disney+ will come to Nigeria. As it is, Netflix is still holding down the streaming service in this part of the world. This is mostly because it does not have competition. Other streaming services have refused to spread their tentacles to this part of the world.

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