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Disney+ Streaming Service Gets 10 Million Subscribers At Launch

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Walt Disney Co. signed up 10 million subscribers for Disney+ within a day of launching its new streaming television service. It made the announcement on Wednesday, 13th November 2019.


The company said in a statement it has seen “extraordinary consumer demand”. It also mentioned that it “has already reached a major milestone, achieving a remarkable 10 million sign-ups since launching.”


The news comes despite a launch marred by glitches. This prevented many customers accessing titles from “Mickey Mouse” cartoons to “Star Wars”.


Disney+ marks a huge bet by the media-entertainment giant. This pitches it into direct conflict with on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime which have disrupted the Hollywood media landscape.


Disney+ films


It went live on Tuesday across the US and Canada. The service featured thousands of films and TV episodes from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic.


Disney chief Bob Iger called the launch “a historic moment for our company that marks a new era of innovation and creativity.”


Richard Windsor, analyst at Radio Free Mobile, considered the technical problems as “a good sign”. According to him, “It implies that the demand for the unique catalogue that it has to offer is stronger than expected.” This puts it “in a very strong position long-term.”


Windsor said the market is fluid now with the entry of new players. However, deep-pocketed players such as Disney, Apple and Amazon “will end up acquiring many of the weaker players”. These players will subsequently cut into Netflix’s large user base.

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