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Disney Reveals FRAN, An AI For De-Aging Actors In Seconds

Disney Research Studios have built an AI tool named FRAN for its production arm that makes de-aging actors as easy as the push of a button.

The tool will make the process a lot faster and cheaper. If you remember the fanfare that preceded the release of Ang Lee’s Gemini Man or even more recently, Martin Scorsese’s The Irisihman, due to the de-aging post-production efforts, you will understand why this Disney creation is a game-changer.

According to a paper that the team published, the tool is a neural network trained with fictional faces of varying ages. The genius here is to present the faces in different ages with the same facial expression, pose, lighting, and background.

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The face re-aging network then aggregates the data to show how a person’s face changes with age, adding or removing wrinkles and jowls into a video recording. In a video, the company shows the tech at work:

However, the film company said that FRAN may not be able to achieve re-aging to and from very young ages and that the graying of scalp hair isn’t reflected when aging up an actor. It has also not mentioned how it intends to deal with this breakthrough, would it be available to the public as we have seen several AI tools being created these days?

Regardless, we will likely see more realistic de-aging clips in Disney’s major productions like its Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Star Wars franchise, and more.

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