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Digitalise Your Business With These Six Zebra Technologies Mobile Computer Solutions

Zebra technologies provides a wide array of computing solutions and today, we look at six mobile devices that business owners can use to digitalise their firm.


Zebra understands the importance of a digitally connected business today. It mentions that this is important for businesses to keep up with requests for faster, smarter and quicker results.


Thus it has six major mobile computing devices and software that can help you to improve performance in this digital world. The tools range from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers.


One of them are handheld mobile computers. Zebra offers different handheld mobile computers like the TC21, TC26, MC9300, and so on. They have variety of uses such as; inventory management, price audits/changes, fleet management, push-to-talk, and so on. They can be as effective inside the fall walls of a company and also out in the field.

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Wearable computers are another example of Zebra mobile computers. Some examples of this device is the HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display, RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, and so on. Front-line workers would benefit from using these gadgets. They give hands-free mobility to users and have simple use features that involve gestures.


Digitalise Your Business With Six Zebra Technologies Mobile Computers
Collection of Zebra technologies wearable mobile computers.


Zebra technologies also provides mobile vehicle-mounted computers. These devices are built to survive the rugged world of warehousing. They can withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.


The company has a collection of tablets that are tailored to fit the inside world of factories. They are tough and also resilient. With these devices, workers can carry out inspections, maintenance and repair, incident reporting, ticketing and eCitations, and other critical duties.


There are also handheld RFID readers and scanners. These devices help in dispensing duties such as inventory/cycle counting, item locating, mobile payments, checkout scanning and many more.


Zebra technology offers a Mobility DNA which is a sort of software infrastructure. It combines end user apps, administration utilities and app development tools. They help customers stay connected to their mobility platform, giving a simplified and unified solution. You can click here to know more about digitalising your warehouse with Android.


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