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Did You Know That Humans Beings Actually Visibly Glow?

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You know when women put on that highlight in the sun, and you can see the glow from miles away? Actually, this is not the peak form. Humans, male and female, have a form of Bioluminescence and actually glow in visible light.


According to a Japanese researcher, human beings are bioluminescent in visible light. Our natural eyes are, however, too weak to pick up on it because its too dim. The glow is not exclusive to our faces; apparently, the entire human body glimmers. The intensity of the light emitted by the body is reportedly 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our n***d eyes.


Glow on

The team at the Tohoku Institute of Technology wrote in a study that they made the discovery using super-sensitive cameras to monitor five healthy male volunteers. They monitored them for 20 minutes every three hours inside a light-tight room for three days.


They discovered that the participants glowed throughout the day. The brightest spots appeared around the neck, forehead and cheeks in the late afternoons. The light seemed to dim at nighttime, and they recorded the dimmest bioluminescence late at night.


They also clarified that the images did not portray infrared radiation caused by heat. The signals, they say, are from photons of visible light particles not caused by heat. Could this be what a holy book meant when it described human beings as light?


Humans glow in natural light

Bioluminescence is the side-effect of metabolic reactions in all creatures. It is a result of highly reactive free radicals produced through cell respiration interacting with proteins and lipids. The molecules this emits can react with chemicals to produce photons. It is common and easily seen in fireflies, glow-worms and deep-sea fish. They mostly use it to attract the opposite s*x for mating.


Human Bioluminescence, though suspected for years, could not be proven. But recent technology made it easier to study and prove it. Researchers further associate the glow with the body’s biological clock.


This proves that we all, in fact, glow and that is great to know.

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