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Did Anonymous Really Hack Into NBC And Edo State Government Files?

Did Anonymous Really Hack Into NBC And Edo State Government Files?

On Thursday 16th October 2020, notorious hacking group, Anonymous, was alleged to hacked into the Nigeria Broadcast Commission (NBC) Twitter handle and also illegally accessed Edo State Government files. Is this true?


The first thing people are asking is if the popular anonymous group was really showing interest and support in the #EndSARS movement. Well, the answer is yes. Anonymous is not a structured organisation, in fact, they are the opposite. The group is anti-institutional.


Thus, any group of hackers that are trying to take down an organisation, can be said to belong to anonymous group. This free flowing arrangement is why only members of the group can be apprehended, but it cannot be shut down entirely.


Secondly, from the Twitter posts coming from the NBC handle, it is clear that its security has been compromised. The first Tweet that had raised awareness about a possible compromise, reads:


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This is followed by several others such as:




They have been using the handle to retweet posts relating to #EndSARS. Additionally, Anonymous claimed to have hacked into Nigeria’s National Industrial Court and the Edo State Government website. The group leaked documents containing details of hundreds of contract approved by the Edo State Government. It also showed project ID, date of approval, the cost and category of some of the contracts in 2019 and 2020.


According to a Guardian report, the state government denied the documents saying that they are fake. We have no way of confirming if the documents are true or not, but we cannot put it past anonymous to gain entrance into any restricted area of the web.


The group had hacked into private files concerning American President, Donald Trump, during the #BlackLivesMatter protests following the racist-inspired killing of George Floyd. The group had also leaked government info and hacked police radios as well. Twitter has not released a statement concerning this security breach. It had responded in less time when this sort of thing happened earlier this year.


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