You are currently viewing Diane Russet’s New Short Film “Anorexia” Highlights The Challenges Of Eating Disorders

Diane Russet’s New Short Film “Anorexia” Highlights The Challenges Of Eating Disorders

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Brother Naija 2019 star Diane Russet has released a short film “Anorexia” that spotlights the challenges people with eating disorders go through daily.


The film follows the story of a young lady Mimi who has to struggle with body acceptance and her inner thoughts that constantly remind her to lose weight.


Explaining the disorder, Diane wrote:

“An eating disorder that causes people to obsess about weight and what they eat. Anorexia is characterized by a distorted body image, with an unwarranted fear of being overweight.

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Symptoms include trying to maintain an abnormal weight through starvation or excessive exercising. Usually common in the fashion industry, young models starve just to fit in.


This is very present in our society and the issue has been neglected. Let’s create awareness, especially during this pandemic.”

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This would he Diane Russet’s third short film. The ex BBNaija star seems set on the path to proving she won’t be has-been; a young woman on her way to becoming an astute actor and a filmmaker.


In her first short film The “Therapist”, Diane takes on the role of Mendora, a depressed girl trying hard to find love after serial disappointments. She, however, crosses path with Iyanya who plays the role of Dr. Kunle, a therapist, after a referral from her friend to help her get out of depression.


Her second short film “Bayi” took viewers back to her northern root, her being a girl from Kaduna state. In the film, she highlights the negative effects of child marriage on the physical and also, the mental health of the girl child.

Watch Anorexia here


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