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BBNaija Housemates Diane And Tacha Fight

Tacha, the Queen of drama in this season of BBNaija, has gotten involved in another altercation. This time, she engaged in an exchange of harsh words with Diane. Here are the details of the fight between Diane and Tacha.


It all started after 2Baba’s birthday soiree when Diane left the Veto power box at the arena games.


Diane, who was in charge of the box on Friday, probably got carried away and left it behind at the arena, stirring reactions from housemates, with Tacha lashing out on her. Also, Mercy and Elozonam got into a fight and Mercy threatened to kick down the door of the diary room.


In the midst of the argument, Diane proceeded to say some nasty things to Tacha. Diane said to Tacha, “F*ck you. Idiot. Stupid girl. Perfect b*tch with stupid bl*ody character. Your character is as dark as your soul. Idiot”.


Luckily, Elozonam stopped the altercation between Diane and Tacha from getting violent by carrying Diane away into the Head of House room.


tacha diane fight


Outside the door, Tacha continued to insult Diane, calling her a child and threatening her with a strike for allegedly hitting her eye. “Outside this house, you cannot ask me what the time is”, Tacha said. “Even my younger sister cannot be as foolish as you”.


tacha diane fight


The entire house was in chaos, leading Biggie to threaten the housemates with severe consequences. Big Brother summoned the housemates into the lounge and scolded them. Furthermore, he promised to address the issue later on.


Check out the madness in the video below:


What are your thoughts on the fight between Diane and Tacha? Whose side are you on? And what punishments do you think Big Brother has in store for them?


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