You are currently viewing Destiny 2 cheat creators to pay $13.5 million

Destiny 2 cheat creators to pay $13.5 million

Destiny 2 cheat creators are to pay a settlement of about $13.5 million in violation of copyright law multiple times. According to the lawsuit, the cheaters ran three domains: Veterancheats, LaviCheats, and Elite Boss Tech.

Bungie, Destiny 2 makers, accused the defendants of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, and breaching computer laws. The settlement comes from an estimation that every download equals $2,000 in violation, and the program they built had 6,765 unique downloads.

The defendants were found guilty of violating some sections of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention laws.

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As it turns out, game cheats are against the law, and this case proves just how far a developer or Studio can decide to go in suing for damages. It is no longer a harmless practice; soon, the repercussions could extend to the ordinary user who takes part in it and not just the makers.

The company had said that the cheating programs forced it to employ counter-measures that cost loads of money. And while it didn’t make it to trial, it easily could have, and it may have turned out was for the guilty party.

In the end, both parties reached a settlement agreement, and the defendants accepted the blame for creating the cheating programs.

Bungie mentioned that cases like this are why it will never stop monitoring and circumventing software and technology. The company is quite reputable for coming after cheaters, and it has done so in the past with Ubisoft and Riot Games collaboration.

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