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Dendra Systems Is Using Drones To Plant Trees

Dendra Systems is an automation company that is currently using drones to plant trees. Speaking in the YouTube video, the CEO, Susan Graham says that they are 150 times faster than traditional planting methods. And more effective as well.


The aim is to plant thousands of trees a day. With these drones, seeds are fired directly into the ground covered by a biodegradable pod. It contains all the nutrients a seed needs to survive and grow into healthy trees. This method gives it a better fighting chance as well.


With about a billion hectares of land suitable for planting trees, using traditional planting methods will take longer to achieve. Also, some of the suitable lands are difficult to reach because of unfriendly landscapes.

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Therefore, with a team of passionate engineers, plant scientists and drone experts, Dendra Systems is re-stabilising the earth. Susan Graham says that other engineers should use their abilities to leave the earth a better place than they found it.


The drones are called Sky Tractors and they use automation and digital intelligence to plant with speed and accuracy. The team combines the right tree species with the right location and upload this to the robots. They, in turn, follow the laid out path.


See a video documentary of the drone in action:



An estimated 10 billion trees are lost every year to fire disasters and deforestation. The traditional methods are unable to meet up with the speed of depletion. But, with a swarm of drones, the company claims to be able to plant 10 billion trees in one year.


Susan Graham pointed out that the loss of trees will lead to a loss of clean air and water. This makes the activity they carry out very important and time-sensitive. Their goal is to “re-green earth” and make the change viewable from space.


Dendra’s efforts are recognised by the World Economic Forum who also give voice to their cause.


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