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Dell Technologies Nigeria PowerStore & The 21st Century Business Event

Dell Nigeria held an event for its PowerStore and the 21st-century business on Thursday, September 16 2021. This is through a collaboration with TD Africa, the continent’s leading technology distribution company.

Dell EMC PowerStore: new intelligent storage system for all data - Techzine Europe

The event was all about storage and Dell’s latest products for the Nigerian market. Dell Technologies after its acquisition of EMC has expanded its storage business, unveiling powerful cloud storage products. 

The event happened at 13, Idowu Martins, Yudala Heights, Victoria Island. Mr Tosin Amusa, Storage Platform and Solutions Lead for Western and Central Africa started the presentation.

He spoke about how data is needed to build infrastructure, while Operations need that infrastructure in order to be effective. The team lead highlighted that data has evolved; before 2020 data was mainly about precision, effectiveness, diversity and value.

Now, Data needs more due to its evolution. Data needs automation, intelligence, agility and simplicity. Amus said that exactly what Dell’s PowerStore system is providing as a storage solution. Dell EMC has produced a product that won several awards in just 2 years after its inception.

Its PowerStore storage solution has won the CRN tech innovator and product of the year individual awards for 2020.  According to Amusa, 20% of its PowerStore solution customers globally are new. This highlights that more customers are leaving their previous storage solution provider to join Dell technologies.

Why is the PowerStore Successful?

Amusa attributes its success to 2 reasons. Firstly, the PowerStore is extremely scalable in storage and performance. The product currently has 7x more performance than its EMC Unity products. It also supports 20x faster storage class memory than SSD variants. Secondly, the PowerStore is intelligent, fully autonomous. This device barely needs administrator input when deployed to customers.

Thirdly, adaptability is a strong point of this product. PowerStore storage solution can be deployed directly on a T model hardware. It also can run a dual basis called the X model, the VMware software makes this happen.

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The PowerStore storage solution has an anytime migration to its services from third party storage solutions for a fee. Its competitors on the other hand tie this kind of service for a specific duration of time.

Amusa also said the company offers flexible consumption and payment options. The APEX model allows customers to pay-per-use with monthly billing. He concluded that the PowerStore supports any workload and users will be blown away by its performance.


Another presenter from Dell Technologies, Mrs Okpara, Client Solution Lead for Central Western Africa praised the TD Africa team and customers, spoke about how the global pandemic has affected laptops production, especially their parts. 

She reiterated that work can now be done anywhere, anytime based on Dell’s workforce transformation. According to her, Dell is pushing the right devices for its customers based on their work needs.

Dell claims its new Optimizer makes some new business models into "the world's most intelligent PCs" - News

Also, discussed at the event is Dell’s optimizer technology, embedded in its latest laptops. This is a smart, AI-based technology that uses data science. Dell currently has a sign-in, express response, intelligent audio and express connect for Wi-Fi and bandwidth. There’s also its express charge that intelligently monitors battery charge and discharge.

Among the PSGs, Price Solution Groups Okpara claims Dell is the biggest manufacturers of monitors and leads the workstation market. She concluded that Dell performs better than its competitors in hardware testing reliability. Just before she finished her presentation, she recommended the company’s Optiplex desktop lineup for business professionals, the XPS lineup for executive management and finally Dell’s mobile education series 2021 laptops.



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