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Delete These Things From Your Life To Become Happier

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Life is too short to worry for too long. We tend to chase happiness without realising we’re chasing after the wrong source of happiness. To become happier, you need to prioritise your life on what truly matters.


There are more things that are important in life than the number of followers you have on social media. When you begin to rate your life based on superficial things, you tend to lack a sense of value and worth. What soon matters to you the most becomes something that’s dispensable. Before you know what’s happening, you would see life sail away from you in an instant.


The best way to find happiness is to determine what truly matters. When you do, you would find that there are more things to live for than the likes you get on a post or the number of clothes you’ve got. Also, we tend to hold on to things from our past or old habits that die hard. These could lead to unwarranted stress that can hold down your joy for a long time. If you’re in need of some natural, good old (straight from the heart and soul) happiness, then follow this guide.


Note: There is no stimulant required, just a good old flush down the toilet of things you don’t really need.


Delete these things from your life to become happier



1. Begin with a delete

Now, we don’t mean you should just sort out the closet, but we mean something deeper. There are a lot of things you’ve obtained over the years, some of which don’t even bring back pleasant memories. These are things like a gift from your ex, your sack letter or clothes you used to wear when you were several sizes smaller. Any or more of these can spark up misery when you least expect it. What you need to do right now is to go through your house, car or wherever you are, fish out those things that bring back unpleasant memories and dump them in the trash.


2. Follow-up with a de-clutter

While you may be free of unwarranted misery, you need to sort out your life. If you’re not one who works well in disorganisation — yes, that’s a thing — then you need to de-clutter. Organise your life in a way that would help you achieve goals faster. It could be as small as setting a time to check your emails or return calls. Also, it could be something big like planning a trip or a spa day out to ensure you get a good old tender loving care for your body and mind.



3. Stop complaining

We know life is like a big bowl of reasons to complain, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Rather than fault everything, find some reason to be thankful for the little things. Doing the former could cause you to get sad, unnecessarily depressed or unhappy. On the contrary, doing the latter would help you to appreciate life more and find your life more fulfilling.


4. Start with the delete

It’s time to get rid of the things that get you back on self-pity. They aren’t so hard to do if you are determined to take out the trash. Now, with Macy Cate Williams’s help, here are 10 things you should delete from your life now.




5. Follow up with a new lifestyle

Now that you’ve cleansed your mind, it’s time to feed it with something more beneficial to your mind. Begin by picking up a healthier lifestyle. By adopting better habits, you can be on your way to helping others just like we hope this helps you.


Become happier and share this to spread the happy bug.

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