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DeepN*de App Shuts Down

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Plat4om recently covered a story regarding an app that was being peddled as being able to remove women’s clothes from images and revealing fake n*des. The DeepN*de app (pronounced ‘deep nood’) is another part of the steadily growing deep imaging trend.


However, it seems that just when we were thinking nothing could bring down these unscrupulous apps, the creators of the app themselves have only gone and made our dreams come true.


The creators of the DeepN*de app initially decided to take the app offline for bug fixes and reinforcements. They had been bombarded with traffic to their servers. But it would seem that with the amount of press and pressure from ethics groups, they decided to make the measure permanent. Hence, deepn* is now completely offline. Also, it completely killed off the distribution of its code.


DeepNude App


Announcing on their Twitter handle, @deepn*deapp, the creators conceded that the world was not ready for the DeepN*de app. They say they are taking it down because they did not want to make money from an app that people could misuse very easily.


Meanwhile, American software hosting development platform Github has also taken some steps against the app. People had gone to upload their versions of the DeepN*de software to Github, and the company has proactively taken them down.


A spokesperson for Github in a statement said:

“We do not proactively monitor user-generated content, but we do actively investigate abuse reports. In this case, we disabled the project because we found it to be in violation of our acceptable use policy.”


No positive attention

With the amount of negative attention that the app had been receiving, this news comes as a welcome step. This is most especially for social groups and women whose images the app solely worked for. Ethics groups voiced out en masse regarding the app’s misogynistic tendencies.


GitHub Deepnude


The app has been taken offline by the developers. However, it is worthy of note that versions of the app still exist. They can be distributed by anyone who owns a previous version of it. The creators now urge people to stop sharing the app. However, they cannot exactly enforce it in any way.


Whether the DeepN*de app will slowly become a thing of the past remains to be seen. It will save us trouble not to hold our breaths. As with other creations on the internet that developers have tried to distance themselves from, these things take on a life of their own.

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