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Debian 10.8 Launches With New Software Patches And Updates

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The Debian Project has announced the availability of Debian 10.8; the eighth update to its stable distribution Debian 10. Each time a point release is made available, a new ISO is spun with all the latest security fixes and software updates; so that they do not need to be installed when Debian is installed on a new system.


Some packages that have received updates with Debian 10.8 include Firefox ESR; Chromium; Flatpak; VLC; the Linux kernel; OpenSSL; X.Org; APT; as well as Thunderbird. The NVIDIA graphics drivers have also been updated to a newer upstream version that fixes a denial of service issue.

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Appealing to users to think about the environment, the Debian Project said:

“Please note that the point release does not constitute a new version of Debian 10; but only updates some of the packages included. There is no need to throw away old “buster” media. After installation, packages can be upgraded to the current versions; using an up-to-date Debian mirror.”


Debian 10 was first launched on July 6, 2019, and it’s set to receive long-term support until 2024. Each new version of Debian arrives every two years; but launch dates are not set in stone. If there aren’t any delays, Debian 11 should come out this year; and Debian 10 will be demoted to the status of Old Stable alongside Debian 9 which is maintained by the main Debian security team until July 18, 2020.



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