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Former DC Producer Walter Hamada Joins Paramount Pictures

Producer Walter Hamada has joined Paramount Pictures as head of the studio’s horror franchises after leaving DC films new owners, Warner Bros. Discovery, over disagreements.

You may remember Hamada not too fondly as one of the executives that Cyborg actor Ray Fisher called out during the misconduct saga that plagued the first Justice League movie. However, it may be worth noting that Hamada had only become President for DC-based film production (DC Films) at Warner Bros. Pictures after the aforementioned movie disappointed.

Under Walter, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) made a box office success in Shazam!, Joker, Wonder Woman 1984 and so on.

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He oversaw the making of the Batgirl movie, however, with the absorption of the studio by Warner Bros. Discovery, the movie was part of the projects that were axed. What is more, The Hollywood Reporter said that Hamada did not even know about it until much later.

Paramount Pictures called him a visionary and the ideal partner to take their horror productions to the next level. The studio believes that the appetite for scary flicks are high.

“As evidenced by the fantastic performance of Smile, there is a tremendous appetite for original, high-concept storytelling in the global marketplace, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership,” it said in a statement.

Hamada himself had found fame through horror franchises such as The Final DestinationThe Conjuring, Annabelle, and The Nun. He believes that at Paramount pictures, he would be able chase his passion of discovering first-time filmmakers and writers and showing their brilliance to the world.

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