Davido Reveals He Charges International Artists For Collaborations

Davido Reveals He Charges International Artists For Collaborations

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Afrobeats superstar Davido has revealed foreign artists pay him to sing verses in their songs.DavidoDavido shared the information while being hosted at the Amplify Dot, also known as Dot on ‘The Dotty Show’ on Apple Music 1.

On the show, the artist spoke about Stevie Wonder, and how two American artists have paid him up to $70,000 for a verse.

He says, “Okay. Listen, let me tell you. With Stevie, okay, Stevie Wonder’s a legend, of course. If he met me, he wouldn’t do it. He would want to do it off the jump. But with labels, there’s always maybe a little fee, like some lawyer fee, lawyer fees and stuff like that to get the paperwork done.


“But outside of that, nah, we not doing none of that… Yo, right now, I’m charging American artists for songs. I am. I’m charging American artists for songs right now. Two American artists done pay me $70,000 for a verse.”

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Davido who recently released an album “A Better Time” spoke about his rich background, and how he concentrates more on building relationships instead of focusing on money.

“I mean, at a point in my career I believed that, “Let’s just give him money. Let’s just give him money. Let’s just do the record.” But after a while it just never came into play anymore.

“That’s why I said the relationship with this, I’ll have a relationship with this artist, it’s very important. It’s past the music. Even apart from the music, having a relationship with them is very important so they don’t bring things like this last minute, “Oh, money.” A lot of them know I do it. A lot of them know my situation.”


“I wouldn’t lie to you. I come from a background of money, but now, I mean, I make the best music ever. It’s like, “Let’s make music. That’s why we’re here.” Later on when we make money from the music, I might be like, “Hey man, I just made $200,000 from that song. I don’t really need it. Yo, you can have it.” You know what I’m saying?”


Davido, 28, is famous for running his record label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) as an inclusive family.


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