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Dangers Of Mobile Banking And How To Play Safe

With hackers lurking around, looking for accounts to devour, it is essential for everyone to be vigilant, especially if you use mobile banking.

There is a need to place a PIN on your SIM card as you go about mobile banking on your phones. If not, your account could be wiped clean if you lose your phone/sim.

Keep reading to see the necessary steps to avoid losing your life savings.

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Easily take these basic measures to protect your bank account from SIM hacking.

1. Go to SETTINGS on your phone.



4. Click on LOCK SIM CARD.

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5. Enter Your mobile network default SIM CARD PIN.

–  For MTN users it is “00000”.
– AIRTEL users it is “1111”.
– For 9mobile users, it is “0000”
–  For GLO users, it is “0000”

6. After entering the MOBILE NETWORK DEFAULT PIN, under it, you will see ” CHANGE SIM PIN”, click on it to change to Your unique 4 digit pin,

7. Confirm Your unique 4 digit pin by entering it again & you are done.

What does this do? You are prompted to enter your SIM Card Pin whenever your phones comes on. Phone lock pin or security pattern comes on too.

Your money will never be removed from your bank account through your Mobile with the Activation of SIM Lock. Stolen or Lost, your SIM is safe.

Watch video below to see how an internet fraudster operates, stealing funds via Mobile banking.


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