Cynthia Morgan Reveals She Has Been Fighting Spiritual Battles From Birth

Popular Nigerian Dance-hall singer Cynthia Morgan has disclosed that she is fighting battles with spiritual forces.Cynthia Morgan Reveals She Has Been Fighting Spiritual Battles From BirthCynthia recently took to her Instagram story on Saturday 12th June to disclose that she has been fighting spiritual battles from birth and is now ready to expose her enemies

The rapper says she is going to expose all her enemies. [Instagram/OfficialMadrina]Damn have been fighting all night on top say person get prophetic calling. Ivbie Nigeria and Edo state in particular…azen uwa bun gbe. I am unto you all now.

I will tell you all I have been fighting since I was a fetus. It’s too late to kill me now. I dey here full ground. You all tried in 2018 but it didn’t work. I am ready to expose you all.”

Cynthia Morgan Reveals She Has Been Fighting Spiritual Battles From Birth

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Cynthia Morgan dominated the Nigerian music scene between 2014 – 2017. With hit songs like ‘Don’t break my heart’ ‘Taken’ and ‘ German Juice’, Morgan easily became a household name in Nigeria’s music industry.

However, she disappeared from the music scene around 2017. Cynthia made a comeback in 2018 to deliver new songs and also, change her name to ‘Madrina’. After that, she again retreated back to her hiatus.

However, in April 2020 she broke the silence on her whereabouts, granting an interview to music journalist Sydney Shocker on ITV Benin. In the video, Morgan explained her disappearance was because she had to deal with family and health challenges.

“It’s been like a roller coaster for me. I took ill, I was really sick. When I changed my name, I had a lot of family issues. I had like a breakdown. So it was really hard for me. I actually went back to the studio but I wasn’t done, I still had to come back.” She said


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