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Cynthia Erivio

Cynthia Erivio Is The Stunning Star On Instyle’s October Beauty Issue

Cynthia Erivio has been tapped as the cover star for Instyle’s beauty October issue.

Cynthia Erivio

The Nigerian-British multi-talented, Grammy and Oscar-nominated  Broadway star was a sheer delight to see on the cover of the beauty issue. Cynthia Erivio while speaking to Instyle’s Saatchi Koul, shared her activism as a black woman, the effects of the pandemic on her plans, Anthony Madu, and more.

cynthia erivio

On racism

“I do think there has to be a point where we stop being afraid of seeing Black people be Black. And people are afraid when it’s on display proudly. I don’t know how to hide my Blackness, so I live in it as it is. I really love it,”

On her activism for black people

“[Black women] aren’t always given the opportunity to take a minute to discuss how we’re feeling, to process our feelings, and to get other people’s help to do that,” she says. “I am aware of how brutal this time is, and some of us just don’t have the space or the means to have people help us. So I want to help.”

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On securing a scholarship for 11-year-old Nigerian ballet dancer, Anthony Madu

“Anthony is going to work with ABT because a group of people came together to lift him up,” Erivo says. “The beauty in all this is that we should always lend a hand when we can.”

On Beauty

I have never put limits on what I want to wear and what I want to look like,” she says. “I love high femme, I love high glamour, I love all those things, guess you can call it androgyny,” she says. “It all feels very much like me.”


Read full issue HERE.


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