You are currently viewing New Cybertruck video has nearly everyone agreeing that it is ugly

New Cybertruck video has nearly everyone agreeing that it is ugly

— A large number of people seem to believe that the Tesla Cybertruck is ugly.
— The truck is yet to be released as the latest news points at a possible date in 2023.

A Twitter video of the Tesla Cybertruck has gotten many users commenting on its unappealing, ugly appearance. Typically, trucks are designed to look rugged but they still manage to maintain some level of appeal to its customer demographic.

However, it seems that the upcoming Tesla truck may not be appealing, especially to truck fans. Even fans of the truck, are not trying to defend its appearance and only argue that its superiority will come from what it will be able to do. The video, shared by tech writer Tansu YEĞEN, got some nasty comments.

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It is not even clear if this is a recent video or one of the early ones from the days when the vehicle was in its conception stage. However, looking at its covered rear, which slopes to the exhaustless fender, the truck appears too square.

The latest news we have heard about the truck came from the company’s boss himself, who teased a never-before-heard feature: the Cybertruck can briefly serve as a boat. This new detail joins the several features that the futuristic truck will offer.

Commentators believe that the vehicle is still several months away from entering the market. Although, Musk has said that it will be the next mass-produced focus of the company. We have heard of a Q2 2023 release. Already, there are about 3 million or more orders for the truck. So, before it even began rolling out, it is likely to be a success if the makers can sort out their supply issues.

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