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Customer Success Agent at Breezy HR

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Location:  US Locations Only; 100% Remote

Job Description

As a Breezy HR Customer Success Agent, you’ll use your enthusiasm and empathy to help us troubleshoot, understand, and delight our incredible customer base. With over 60,000 active users, we need your help to maintain and communicate in line with our sky-high standards and ambitious product plans.

We have a unique approach to customer service; giving you a script to follow and expecting robotic output just isn’t our style. You can feel free to use your own easygoing voice, and we’ll support you with all the resources you need to make sure our customers are well-informed, well-oiled recruiting and hiring machines.

What Am I Going to Do All Day?

This is a full-time remote position and we’re looking for someone who can work 11 am to 8 pm EST.

  • You know that the best way to answer customer questions is to start from a solid knowledge base, so you’ll get to know and navigate Breezy inside-out and top-to-bottom.
  • Since you know it all (and you will!), you’ll be helping our customers achieve their goals inside Breezy for the majority of the day. You’ll be walking them through processes and minor hiccups with patience and a sense of humor, but.
  • You know enough to know when you just don’t know. Then it’ll be your job to escalate issues further up our little chain of command or reach out to other teammates for help. You’ll recognize when a customer might be a good fit for a demo, or might need some extra tech attention to get their problems solved.
  • You’ll be tracking your support metrics and hitting (um, blowing past?) goals we set for our customer success team – these are numbers like response time and customer satisfaction (but you can handle that, right?).
  • You’ll be on the front line, so we expect you to keep an eye out for trends in common issues, and help us develop training programs for future customers.

About You

  • This isn’t your first rodeo – you should have some experience making customers happy as a primary job function.
  • You’re enthusiastic and comfy around technology, the SaaS space, and/or recruiting and human resources (if you’ve got a soft spot for Trello and Intercom, that wouldn’t hurt!)
  • You’re even-tempered (dare we say breezy?), but not passive. We want you to see problems or projects and tackle them head-on, but we need you to be kind and professional about it.

About Breezy HR

  • Breezy is a web-based, end-to-end recruiting platform and applicant tracking system to help teams attract & hire great employees with less effort.
  • Grrrrreat benefits.
  • Inside, we’re a small, agile team chock-full of awesomeness and we’re growing fast.
  • Working here is completely unlike anything you’ll find in Jacksonville or anywhere in the country… in a very good way. You’ll love it.

Location: US Locations Only