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You Can Now Create Your Custom Radio On YouTube Music


  • YouTube Music has rolled out a new feature called Radio Builder that allows users to create custom radio stations by selecting artists and preferences.
  • The algorithm behind the feature can play songs from musicians similar to the artists you picked or only songs from them.
  • The feature is available to all users, whether they are subscribers or not.


If you don’t want to have to keep selecting songs or skipping some, you can now set up your own custom radio on YouTube Music.


The feature, called Radio Builder, lets you create custom stations by picking artists preferences and is under the “Your music turner” tab on the app’s homepage. YouTube Music started rolling out the feature on Tuesday for both Android and iOS users.


Radio Builder uses an algorithm that can play songs from musicians similar to the artists you picked, if you let it, and you can choose to only listen to songs from the artists you selected.


Radio Builder Lets You Create Custom Radio On YouTube Music
Rihanna at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show


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There are other custom settings like picking songs you know or new ones as well as a mix of both settings. Just like playlists, you can have different radio stations in this tab.


The YouTube Music Radio Builder feature is available to all users, whether you are a paying subscriber or not. So, if you can’t see it yet, you may need to upgrade your app.


According to Android Police, the streaming platform began testing the feature since last year for some select users.


Already, YouTube Music has a powerful algorithm that can keep you immersed in a particular type of experience. However, it falls into the trap of playing songs you are familiar with a lot and you may miss out on newer ones.


This feature gives a whole new music vibe and it is not too restrictive as a playlist will be, where you know which song is coming next.


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