You are currently viewing Cryptocurrency Assets Start 2023 Strong | See Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana Price

Cryptocurrency Assets Start 2023 Strong | See Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana Price

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets began 2023 on a strong foot with their price and value going up. Terms like FOMO (fear of missing out) and Bullish (trader optimism) were trending at the beginning of the week too. Here is a brief summary of their prices:

Without doubt the most well known, vastly accepted, and valuable crypto is bitcoin. Its performance has historically affected how investors view other assets. After having a troubling 2022, the digital asset started 2023 strongly. For the first seven days of the year, Bitcoin price has appreciated by over 3% and is now sold at $17,200+.

Ethereum, which plays second feeder to bitcoin has been climbing the rungs rapidly. Now valued at over $1,300 per unit, it has grown by more than 8% in 2023. Meanwhile, Solana appears to be the fastest growing digital asset so far this year. Despite being priced at $16.42, the asset has grown by nearly 50% in 2023, doubling its price.

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana Price In 2023
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Price In 2023. Image Source: Coin Market Cap.

Binance own token, BNB, has also impressed. Given The company’s market dominance towards the end of 2022, it is understandable that its coin would increase in value. BNB is being sold for nearly $280 and has grown by more than 12% in 2023. Litecoin, which was one of the earliest altcoins, is also having a good period. This year, it has grown by over 8% and is priced at $82.13.

Other popular coins like Dogecoin (8.21%), Shiba Inu (8.62%), Monero (6.33%), and ApeCoin (20.59%), are all in green. However, it is not all good for all cryptos as there are some that are losing value already in 2023. OKB, for example, is down by over 11% of its value and Huobi Token has lost over 7% of its price.

Overall, it is shaping up pretty well for cryptos, although, this is not unprecedented. If you are familiar with when to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, you will know that the prices are usually high at the beginning of the year. It is important not to let FOMO make you jump in ill-prepared.

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