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Crypto And NFTs Banned On Grand Theft Auto Online

Rokstar has banned the use of cryptos and NFTs on the roleplay servers of Grand Theft Auto Online. The game publishers announced the ban as part of its new guidelines which it published on November 18 and updated a week later.

Rokstar says that while it believes that fan creativity should be welcomed, third-party roleplay servers are an extension of GTA’s community and should be aligned with its rules. As such, there should be no use of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets like NFTs.

It tied the ban under its prohibition of commercial exploitation like selling loot boxes for real-world currency, selling virtual currencies and generating revenue via corporate sponsorships or in-game integrations.

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According to Arstechnica, the ban appears to be a response to a role-playing community known as Trenches which advertised integration with brands in the gaming space and a custom NFT drop to access specific on-server content. The server is owned by OTF Gaming and rapper Lil Durk, and Rokstar asked them to shut it down.

“We’ve been asked to cease all operations of Trenches. We have no choice but to comply with their demands, as we intend to do right by Take-Two and Rockstar. We will be working with them to find an amicable solution to this matter,” OTF Gaming said about the situation.

With its upcoming GTA release still not having a clear date, Rokstar is likely clearing up the air before dropping any new game update.

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