You are currently viewing Cruise begins mapping streets in Dubai ahead of 2023 launch
Cruise begins mapping streets in Dubai ahead of 2023 launch

Cruise begins mapping streets in Dubai ahead of 2023 launch

Cruise has begun mapping the streets of Dubai ahead of the 2023 planned launch of its autonomous driving service, robotaxi. You may remember the company from a recent report of its cars stopping suddenly on a San Francisco road and causing traffic congestion.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that Cruise sent two electric Chevrolet Bolt autonomous cars to Dubai already with the purpose of mapping its roads.

The cars started work on Sunday, according to a TechCrunch article. They started in the residential part of the city’s beach, Jumeirah, with experienced human drivers driving them around. The cars are fitted with lidar, radar, and camera sensors that will gather data from the environment and gradually create a map for the self-driving technology.

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With its operations in San Francisco being the first of many, Cruise plans to move from one major city to another. However, its Dubai plans have more to do with tourism, which keeps rising.

In April, the company signed an agreement with the RTA for its robotaxi service. The deal aligns with the UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s plan to make 25% of all transportation autonomous by 2030.

Cruise had revealed that its Cruise Origins cars, a purpose-built all-electric shuttle with no steering wheel or pedals, will be used for the Dubai robotaxi service. However, the car is still being used for only limited closed-course testing, so it is not yet clear if it will launch them strictly for UAE roads or change its plans to the Chevrolet Bolts.

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