You are currently viewing Crocs Footwear: It’s Emergence, Re-make And Trendy Designs
Old crocs and new crocs design

Crocs Footwear: It’s Emergence, Re-make And Trendy Designs

Crocs is one of the most fashionable and worn footwear these days. It comes in different designs, colors and quality. But have you ever wondered how this footwear came to be? Who made it and how did it become so popular today?

Crocs Footwear: It’s Emergence, Re-make And Trendy Designs
Old crocs and new crocs design

Well let us take you down memory lane

Crocs was founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker Jr.

The three men aimed to produce and distribute a foam boat shoe

whose design they acquired from Foam Creations, Inc. of Quebec City.

While Seamans loved that the shoes were comfortable, had a slip resistance and they could float,

Hanson and Boedecker on the other hand disliked the design, but eventually they decided that the shoe was useful.

The first Crocs model produced was called “the Beach”, which was unveiled in 2001

at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, and the 200 pairs that they had produced were all sold.

Crocs Footwear: It’s Emergence, Re-make And Trendy Designs
First crocs design

Now if you compared the Crocs made in 2001 with the trending one  of this day that everyone is putting on,

you will realize that it is different and more fashionable

It is indeed impossible that the crocs of then held out on its popularity till date,

well here is what re-launched it into today’s modern society

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In September of 2019, Kanye West, through the Yeezy brand, launched a foot wear design called “The Yeezy Crocs”. This design was infinitely more sophisticated and fashionable compared to the former

Crocs Footwear: It’s Emergence, Re-make And Trendy Designs
Yeezy crocs design

It was first modeled by the rapper’s daughter, North West, who wore the children’s pair on social media

North West wearing the Yeezy  brand

Right after, Yeezy launched the footwear on their website and it became an instant hit

And you all know Kanye, He is a world wide influencer in his own right,

and with his now ex-wife being part of his influencers, everyone just wanted a pair of the Yeezy Crocs.

Kanye West rocking His crocs brand

Kanye went on to sign a deal with Adidas to produce the Adidas Yeezy crocs,

several other designs such as Yeezy Fur, Yeezy Foam runner, etc were made

Well that fever did catch up to us here in Nigeria

and before you know it almost everyone had a pair of Yeezy’s crocs. But was it that cheap and easy to Acquire? Definitely a Big NO!

The Yeezy Crocs sold from as low as 15,000 naira to as high as 30,000 naira, but our Aba brothers came to the rescue and delivered to us a re-make that you can get for as low as 3,000 naira or even lesser

Till date Crocs Wear are still a sensation. Now tell us, what design do you have in your shoe rack? Is it the Yeezy Design? Or our Aba Brother’s Design

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