You are currently viewing “COVID-19 Pandemic Changed My Life”- Actor Kunle Remi Reveals

“COVID-19 Pandemic Changed My Life”- Actor Kunle Remi Reveals

Popular Nigerian actor, Kunle Remi, has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic changed his life and career. The actor noted that the lockdown was a blessing in an exclusive chat with The PUNCH. Kunle revealed that he discovered a part of himself during the lockdown period.

"COVID-19 Pandemic Changed My Life Positively"- Actor Kunle Remi Reveals

He said, “COVID-19 changed my life because I had more time to look at myself, reflect and connect with what I carry; to connect with the entertainment side of me. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was always up and down filming. But all of a sudden I was stripped of all of that. I had to ask myself what else I could offer. During the lockdown, I realized that all I had was my phone, television and the few people around me that we were being isolated together. I just felt the need to entertain people and exercise my skills as an actor. I did not miss being on set because I enjoyed myself at home.

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“COVID-19 pandemic changed my life positively. It is absolutely a blessing to me. May the souls of the people lost to the coronavirus rest in peace but this period has been a blessing to me. I joined TikTok during the lockdown period to showcase my skills as an actor. Had a platform and the time to connect with the entertainment part of me and before I knew it, people crowned me king of TikTok in Nigeria. I was just doing it for fun and I was enjoying myself.” 

Looking back at the beginning of his career, the model turned actor said that he had faced a lot of rejections but he turned them to his sources of motivation.

“Taking a look back about how my career started, it was never easy for me, there were a lot of obstacles, rejections, but at the end of the day persistence, discipline and God most importantly helped pave a way to this very point. I am grateful for the rejection that I faced because it motivated me to become the person I am. However, none of the rejections that I got weighed me down, instead, it propelled me to do better and try again.” He said.

Kunle Remi is a Nigerian actor, popular for his roles in “Falling”, “Family Forever” and “Tinsel”. He came to prominence after winning the 7th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010. He is a graduate of the New York Film Academy.


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