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Coronavirus Update: WHO Director Officially Calls It A Pandemic

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In most recent coronavirus update, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Director-General of the World Health Organization has described the outbreak as a pandemic.


Ghebreyesus’ statement appeared in part on Twitter on Wednesday 11th March 2020.

See his tweet below:

.@WHO is deeply concerned by the alarming levels of the #coronavirus spread, severity & inaction, & expects to see the number of cases, deaths & affected countries climb even higher. Therefore, we made the assessment that #COVID19 can be characterized as a pandemic.

— Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) March 11, 2020


To further explain the threat that the virus has become, Tedros Ghebreyesus, in a statement that CNN published, said:


“We have never before seen a pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. And we have never before seen a pandemic that can be controlled at the same time.


“Describing the situation as a pandemic does not change WHO’s assessment of the threat posed by this coronavirus. It doesn’t change what WHO is doing, and it doesn’t change what countries should do.


“If countries detect, test, treat, isolate, trace and mobilize their people in the response, those with a handful of novel coronavirus cases can prevent those cases becoming clusters, and those clusters becoming community transmission. Several countries have demonstrated that this virus can be suppressed and controlled.”


WHO Director Says Coronavirus Is A Pandemic Calls Countries To Fight It As One
Photo: John Hopkins Medicine
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What is a pandemic?

According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is when a new disease spreads all over the world. Whereas, an outbreak is when the number of cases of a disease is more than expected.


An epidemic is more than a normal number of cases of an illness, specific health-related behaviour or other health-related events in a community or region.


Already, the WHO has declared that there are 118,000 cases, more than 4,000 deaths, as the virus has found a foothold on every continent except for Antarctica.


As of 12th March 2020, popular Nollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive to the virus. Also, it has led organisers to cancel many top tech events.


Football leagues and competitions are also suffering from the effects of coronavirus. There are many things you as an individual can do to curtail the coronavirus spread.


To learn more, see this article: As COVID-19 Sneaks Into Lagos, Here Are Some Things You Can Do


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