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Coronavirus: Uber Suspends 240 Users, In An Effort To Contain Its Spread

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Uber suspended the accounts of 240 users in Mexico who possibly have been in contact with drivers that chauffered a passenger suspected of having the deadly coronavirus.


The ride-hailing app said Mexico City health authorities requested information in January 2020 on a carrier possibly infected with the coronavirus. Investigations by Uber also revealed that the two drivers who transported the suspected individual also chauffeured a further 240 people afterward.


Uber Suspend 240 accounts
The company has adopted the policy to contain the spread of the deadly disease


“We have proceeded to send information to these two drivers and the 240 users regarding the temporary deactivation of their accounts,” the company posted in a statement on Twitter.


Mexico’s Ministry of Health says it is monitoring people who may have had contact with the possible coronavirus carrier. The suspected carrier is a tourist of Chinese origin, who left the country following the incident.

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“Of the contacts identified so far, none have developed symptoms of the disease [after] more than 10 days after exposure, which exceeds the average incubation time,” the authorities said in a report.


More than 300 people have died from the deadly coronavirus in mainland China. There are also more than 100 cases confirmed around the world.

Uber also considering similar measures in Australia

According to Reuters, the nine suspected cases of coronavirus in Mexico were cleared negative by local health experts. Mexico has not yet reported any confirmed case.


Mexico also says it has evacuated 10 people from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. Researchers are still trying to find out exactly how the infectious virus can spread from person to person. This is necessary to quell fears regarding the illness.


Australia so far has confirmed 12 cases of the coronavirus. Uber says it is considering similar measures to those taken in Mexico to contain the spread in affected areas.


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